September 15, 2017


Dam di Dam.. Di dam di dam di dum...

Dam oh Dam...
Kadang-Kadang Dam ni garang jugak eh.


September 8, 2017

Busy Life? HEH?

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Today was 8 September 2017. Months has passing by, and here I am working on Friday. My life now is like a routine, wake up – go to work – home – sleep. Everyday repeating the same thing, sometimes even on the weekend too.

Sometimes, I thought looking for a better job that gives me new challenges, well its not like current job aren’t challenging, but it happens sometimes. When users or vendors have problems, I have to be the solver.

I think my programming skills are almost vanished. Poor you Java. I thought I could use you in real life, but it doesn’t happened yet.

Currently I am using Lenovo K6 Power, I gave my iPhone 6 to my little brother. I think I am too overwhelmed over the social media. I successfully become FB free, but Instagram… I post like 5-10 times everyday and that is not healthy. So I gave up my iPhone and use Lenovo. Since Lenovo camera is a bit on the downside, so I hope I’ll be selfie-free.

But I was thinking to get an iPhone SE, because I cannot live with android anymore. its killing me. hahaha…

anyway, looking forward to fly end of this month to KL. I am excited!


July 28, 2017

Social Media, The Good & The Bad

I have been quitting facebook for quite sometimes and I feel like my life is a bit better without reading other people's life.  Sometime it can effects your daily life. it is an addict not a useful informative app anymore.

I owned an IG and a twitter and this blog for now. Currently taking a break from IG. I disabled my IG just to see how long. But I have deleted all my photos in IG and leave photos such as scenery, food and so on.

Actually, having social media is a good thing. If that person knows how to use them the right way. I choose to delete fb because of I never liked it anyway. I do it for the sake of my friends but later I delete it for good, because I don't feel happy to own one. I feel happy after that. The urge is no longer there.

I felt sad after I heard the news about Chester death due to suicide. Depression! You can take depression lightly, even feeling stress, you have to find a way to de-stress. I experienced depression but Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT still loves me, he put me there for a reason.

I am including depression happens to in social media. I read about how a teen girl depressed after browsing thru her friend fb, where her friend showed off her perfect life. This teen girl happened not to be as lucky as her friend. she felt so depress, she cut her wrist. Luckily her life didn't end there.

Sometimes you have to think before you post something. Especially your private life. You post wearing gold jewelries, omg! Seriously.. aren't your scared if you will be followed and robbed? You post the picture of your new home with windows. You post of being alone or being away from home alone. Aren't you scared?

It is not wrong to have social media. but please make sure who is able to view your picture and status. There are functions to make it private and you can choose who to be friends with. so be mindful on that.

and thats all from me. I am not saying it is bad or good. but be moderate.


July 22, 2017

I Quit My Online Business


Salam Syawal to all muslims...

Syawal almost over, I miss Ramadhan so much. Actually, Ramadhan this year is so meaningful. I joined my first tadarrus, I won Ramadhan quizzes and I perform Tarawih at home. I hope I'll be able to be in the next Ramadhan. 

I am still working at the same place. Kinda boring, everyday do the same job. but Alhamdulillah I still have a job to pay PTPTN, My Car, give parents money and savings. I just quit my online business. Actually, I have no heart doing it, I was doing it for the sake of wanted money and no excitement. I will find another business, which I already have in mind, but I have to start from below. So it is okay la... for side income :) 

Dam come raya and meet my parents. It was so scary because I am scared if my parents cannot accept him because of his physical. Yes, at first they didn't approve our relationship but later mom told me, if he is the one for me & with him I am happy. Then, go on... But I am not planning being friends for too long. I dunno, lets see.... inshaAllah~~

See you in my next post. 

June 11, 2017

Birthday ke 30 dah..

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dah masuk 16 Ramadhan, now pukul 11.22 malam. Sebenarnya duk tunggu iPhone update iOS 11 Beta. Tapi rasa update esok je kot, sebab status dia 5 hours macam tu, maybe wifi ramai lagi duk guna tak tidur ni.

Seriously Faa busy. Busy dengan kerja, balik rumah penat... kadang-kadang tu, weekend pun kerja jugak. 9 June lepas hari lahir faa yang ke 30, malangnya.... faa tak rasa macam 30, haa sudahhh... tak takut ke raya ni dapat soalan-soalan makcik kepoci tanya bila nak kahwin? hahaha~

My Birthday Cakes. TQ Kak Da belanja :) 

Faa rasa tahun, raya kat rumah jer. Paling tidak gi umah pak sedara dan akak-akak. Past umah member ofis, member kampung malas gi kot, haha jahat gila. sebab member kampung @ member sekolah ni semua dah kahwin, aku nak gi umah dorang.. seketul sorang diri pehal. baik duk umah makan biskut raya jela...

Macam tahun lepas, lepas raya Roadtax mati. So of course la, kena jimat-jimat sikit nak buat roadtax. So raya tahun, faa banyak save duit buat roadtax. Biskut-biskut raya pon tak beli.. ingat nak wat Dahlia je nanti. Wat sikit dah la... ambik feel buat biskut raya..

Tahun ni, ada orang jauh nak datang beraya. InshaAllah jumpa la raya nanti.. See you this raya inshaAllah...

Alhamdulillah, Puasa tahun ni... Faa tak semput sangat. Sahur makan Oat, Pisang ngn Kurma macam tu je. sebab kalau makan nasi, lagi rasa cepat penat. So Oat okay, pukul 5-6 tu, Faa masih lagi okay, just nice.. takde rasa nak pitam macam selalu...

So, for now.... jeng jeng... berat faa dah 52-53kg macam tu... hehe... from 65kg, dalam 3 bulan turun ke 55 kg... masuk puasa ni, turun lg Alhamdulillah... Arahan doktor 50kg... tengok la raya nanti, makan tak ingat... lepas tu, dengan Open house lagi... Moga seorang Faa tabah tengok makanan2 sedap...

tu je kot. Good night...

Selamat Menyambut Nuzul Al-Quran :)

April 23, 2017

My Old Phone

ni iphone lama faa. sudah kena jual dan menyesal sangat lepas jual. 
My 1st iPhone 4S. Beli dengan duit online biznes. 

April 21, 2017

I am looking

Looking for a job is not easy. Especially if you're that type who doesn't speaks that much, I mean not shy but sort of everything is floating in my head.

Today I was offered a job. But the problem is, the salary is not enough for me to live in KL. I have to be logical, it would be the same as my salary here in K.Terengganu. So what is the difference? I have to start fresh like a new graduate.

I have made up my mind to step out this comfort zone and live in KL, if the salary is relevant with my experience. But since my experience is not IT, they considered me as fresh grads. I have to pay PTPTN, my car, bills and all. When I calculated everything, it is far better I reject that offer. Maybe after raya, I look for jobs again.

I want a job that can give me skills and have career development. Not like right now. Everyday, do the same thing, no training provided. Oh come on. I know, I am contract staff and I don't know my future here.

May Allah SWT ease my journey for a better job. HE is the one that give us all REZEKI.
InshaAllah, it will come when it is the right time. Amin...

April 17, 2017

Falling In Love

After 3 years I close my heart to love. Someone opened my heart. He's not the most perfect guy but I am not looking for perfection. there must be a reason why Allah SWT opened this heart to love again.

Somehow I haven't told anyone, not even my friends about this guy. Because I am scared if it didn't happened. So let him be the mysterious guy and when the right time comes. I will introduce him to the family and friends.

Apart from our age gap, he is younger than me. But he is more matured even sometimes he is that type suka usik-usik. I am fine with that, I don't mind if he knows when its time to usik-usik and when the time to be serious. I bet he is serious when watching football...

Another thing is, we are in long distance relationship. He's in Selangor and me, in Terengganu. Practically it is 5-6 hours driving and 1 hour approximately thru airplanes, but hey! for me it is still far. But it is a good thing, I am not that type suka dating sangat. if jodoh, date after married la.. we can go anywhere right? :)

The future is unknown, but I think I have to try... who knows, InshaAllah.... just hoping for the best.
I have experience the feeling broken, betrayal and cheated before, so how bad this will be. I am a grown up... and my family is my top priority.

To Dam,
Thank you for understanding my situation now.
I du'a you will be my future. InshaAllah~~ amin.

Sincerely yours,

April 14, 2017

Tetiba sampai Bukit Tinggi

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hari ni Faa pergi KL balik hari. Ada urusan family sedikit. Bertolak sebelum subuh pukul 5.30am.

Cantik kan langit time ni.... 

Sampai KL pukul 10.30am macam tu. selesai urusan. Telefon bapa saudara nak jumpa tapi dia busy plak kan. So kita balik jelah. Singgah lunch kat McD Taman Melati.

So on the way balik tu, tiba-tiba sampai Bukit Tinggi. Jalan dia belok-belok... huhu bahaya kalau tak expert driving, mujur la abang yang drive... Alhamdulillah selamat sampai.

Dah lama nak g sini. Tiket masuk RM 15.00/dewasa & RM8.00/Kanak-kanak. Kita orang masuk Colamr Tropicale je. tak pergi Japanese Village sebab dah tak sempat, kejar masa...

tempat ni sejuk angin dia, nyaman sangat walaupun panas.. kalau malam mesti sejuk ni... sape nak honeymoon pergi lah sini... sweet short escape...

itu abang saya...

Ini Swan, maybe se ekor Barbie. haha

Colmar Tropicale 

Ala-Ala Castle zaman dulu-dulu...

Masa nk naik ke Bukit Tinggi ni, dalam 10 minit kot. Smpai 1.15pm macam tu... pusing kejap.. turun bawah pukul 2.00pm. terus bertolak balik Terengganu. Sampai rumah dalam 6.30pm... Alhamdulillah...

Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya, ia mendapat pahala kebajikan yang diusahakannya dan ia juga menanggung dosa kejahatan yang dilakukannya…  ( Al-Baqarah: 286)

April 5, 2017

Lunch Tepi Pantai

Pada hari ni, tak tahu dah nk pergi lunch kat mana. Soalan paling bosan dalam dunia "Hari ni nok makang mana?" haaa... paling susah nak jawab oleh kaum perempuan jelah kot. haha... 

So, hari ni... Faa drive. Okay, kita orang menapau Mee goreng dengan keropok. Plan nak balik ofis je, makan kat pantry tapi... nampak wakaf tempat pakcik2 nelayan selalu lepak takde orang.. apa lagi, kita orang pon pergi la makan kat situ. nasib ada air botol mineral wat basuh tangan. 

View dia... Fuhh... Sebak hati... Mamat hensem lalu pon ko tak pandang la, asal dapat tengok laut kaler Turqoise macam ni... Macam ni simple punya view mampu buat hati gumbira... tapi kalau hati ko tengah heart-broken... nangis jugak la kot. haha... 
Ciptaan Allah SWT sempurna mashaAllah... Allahuakbar... 

jadi kita kalau makan2 tu, jangan la buang sampah merata tempat... jaga keindahan alam, so kita boleh tengok keindahan alam ni dengan hati yang tenang. 

~wassalam :) 

April 3, 2017

Kerja Dijadikan Alasan


Actually, dah lama tak menulis. Ketandusan idea... But I will try... Pernah cuba menulis, tapi asyik tinggal draft pastu tak continue. 

Kerja dijadikan alasan untuk malas menulis. Beberapa hari ni, family diuji dengan ujian yang besar dari Allah. Moga kami kuat dan diberi semangat... terutama sekali kepada my sis. Moga Allah beri kekuatan dan semangat.. we all love u sis 

Ada seseorang yang hadir dalam hidup Faa sekarang. ke mana arahnya tu, Faa tak tahu. Dan kali ni, Faa tak cerita pada sesiapa pon. Takda sape tahu Faa kawan dengan dia. Sebab Faa takut... Biarlah ia jadi rahsia... Faa berserah pada Allah.. dan Faa taknak terlampau sayang orang macam dulu... 

Anyway, Faa baru balik dari Kerteh. Pergi & balik drive... dan sebenarnya... Faa suka tengok pemandangan, tengok awan... hati ni rasa tenang... Alhamdulillah, tadi pagi pegi dengar talk & sharing dari Petronas ICT. Since Faa ni budak IT, memang best la dengar... 

Faa takde gambar nak share. hihihi... Lupa password admin kt laptop ni... dan kalau format balik, confirm gambar hilang sume... iCloud takde backup plak tu... frust nya... moga password muncul dalam mimpi malam ni... 

hurmm now dah tak tau nk tulis apa... bersara jelah kau dari dunia blogging oi fatihah. hahaha

k bye.